I obtained massive amounts of student loan debt and earned degrees in communication from Ohio University and San Diego State University. My work has been published in The Billfold, the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, Scary Mommy, Street Carnage, and Defenestration Magazine. I also wrote a book called The Imperfect Enjoyment, which, thanks to my Uncle Boo, was popular among inmates in Ohio’s criminal justice system.

I began my career as a project director at a community health center and an adjunct faculty member at a large public university. Now I am a self-employed writer and community health specialist for hire. My recent projects have included:

  • Conducting remote health education to Medicare-Medicaid patients with chronic diseases
  • Writing website copy and managing digital marketing efforts for a community healthcare organization
  • Drafting grant proposals for a clinical group seeking to expand its chronic care capacity
  • Creating messaging for a social justice campaign that increased voter participation among historically infrequent voters

I am always looking to take on new projects, more so now than ever since my three boys are getting older and becoming less accepting of hand-me-downs. Feel free to send a message if you need assistance with a project.

As for this website, it’s an “Occasionally Hilarious, Always Interesting” collection of short stories and blog posts relating to travel and finance, the peculiarities of parenting, and various family (or solo) adventures. Please be warned that once I finish my next book, you will bear witness to an obscene amount of self-promotion.

Thank you for reading.

-Dewan Gibson



Former student February 3, 2015 at 7:21 am

I actually saw you on the news and I was like hey I know that guy. You were my instructor my freshman year in my Africana studies comm class. Hated public speaking, and I was terrified. You being the first black male teacher of anything, that quietly planted the seeds of what I wanted to be. Currently subbing, but I am a credentialed teacher, I’ve taught world History and U. S. History to middle school school, worked with at risk your for a while now .I speak in front of people everyday haha..
Hope you got paid bruh!!
Take care,

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