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Ca$$ius Feels Hip Hop Dance Is Better Learned Outside Of Class

by Dewan Gibson

My wife signed us up for a YMCA family membership in hopes of giving the kids something to do besides chase cats around the complex. It’s a pretty good deal if you work out—we don’t—or want to put your kids off on someone else for a couple hours—we do.

Just this week our two oldest boys started the Y’s hip hop dance class. Like most of the really fun stuff the YMCA offers, it costs extra ($27 per person) on top of the membership fee. It’s a Christian organization, so I guess the fee is akin to paying tithes, which is OK because as long as it’s not financing “Dr.” Creflo Dollar’s private jet.

Anyhow, Nile really enjoyed the class. That’s surprising. It usually takes him 2 to 3 years to warm up to people. That’s him in the video spinning up out his shoes and taking a tumble like Bobby Brown did after he cooked fried chicken with cocaine. But Ca$$ius was not feeling it, which is a shame because he’s the most rhythmic boy I’ve seen since Alfonso Ribeiro in MJ’s Pepsi commercial back in ’84.

We’ll try again this week. If it doesn’t work out for Ca$$ius, I’ll put the dance class money towards a father-son night out at a hip hop club…for education purposes. He’s obviously underage, but $27 will go a long way with the doorman.

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