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A Few Thoughts On Kamala Harris Getting A New Job And Y’all Acting A Damn Fool

by Dewan Gibson
A black and white photo of Sarita Choudhury and Denzel Washington in Mississippi Masala

Kamala Harris for vice president was the biggest thing to hit the internet since the WAP video, though far less enjoyable. (“Wet and gush, make that pull-out game WEAK!” Yes, such is my life.) Here are my reactions to the largely uninformed opinions that resulted from Crazy Joe’s pragmatic choice for vice president.

1) Many on the Right must have hit their massive heads while walking out of social studies class in second grade and do not remember the concept of birthright citizenship. Kamala is American, bro.

2) If I am one of the few Black people on your Facebook friends list and you’re questioning Kamala’s blackness, shoot me a message. It’s better that I annihilate you privately rather than publicly.

3) The very same people–I’m looking at you, Black Twitter–who routinely criticize random Dominicans for NOT claiming to be Black are now criticizing Kamala FOR claiming to be Black. Interesting.

4) Racial confusion has united the Left and the Right. Most of us don’t know someone who is Black Jamaican/Indian yet American. Black and White like Obama…yeah, we can grasp that. Well, some of us can. But there’s always nuance in biracial identity. Ask my kids. Their brains have yet to fully develop, but even they understand that they don’t need to fit in our lil’ boxes.

5) I wrote something weeks ago about how we (“The Blacks,” as Trump would say) never get the benefit of the doubt. Based on the nitpicking of Kamala’s record, it’s clear that we also do it to ourselves. And quickly, too! Did we even give ourselves a few hours to be proud? To put it plainly, can a ni**a even get a congratulations?!?

6) Kamala went to an HBCU and joined a Black sorority. Her racial identity was not a political calculation. Hell, if it was, give her credit for having such foresight as a youngster in the early ’80s.

7) If racial purity is a litmus test for your (lack of) support for Kamala Harris, let me see your Ancestry.com results.

8) Kamala was not my first choice for president. I preferred Auntie Liz. For vice president, I wanted Susan Rice. But after reading reactions to Kamala for VP, I will now defend her like half of all White Americans defend that guy in the White House. Yes, literally half.

9) Let’s be honest. Kamala’s overqualified for this job. If Democrats win this will be another case of what we see far too often in corporate America: the underling is sharper than the boss.

10) Mississippi Masala is a great film. I’d go into more detail, but this meme just caught my attention and I want to end things here.

Meme of Trump's reaction to female politicians and Ghislaine Maxwell

-Dewan Gibson

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