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Sledding Is Family Fun, Much More So If The Kids Crash While You Get To Relax

by Dewan Gibson
Kid falling off sled at Simsbury Disc Golf Course in Pickerington, Ohio

Here’s video from our recent sledding trip to Simsbury Park Disk Golf Course in good ol’ Pickerington, Ohio. Well, “trip” is too strong a word since it’s just down the street. But it’s a pandemic, so I have low standards of what’s categorized as a travel post. Next up: A trip to Trader Joe’s for arugula?!?

It’s funny to see each kids threshold for extreme sports danger. My 6-year-old took on the big hills and enjoyed playing dead after a spill. My middle boy (the wild child!) surprisingly preferred to coast slowly and yell “Are you OK!” when his brothers went. My 9-year-old, who claimed he was “born ready,” may actually have been right.

Amber was a beast on the hills. She attributed it to physics and being what 2 Chainz would call “quarantine thick.” But she’s also naturally athletic. I have pictures of her dunking on the kids.

As for me, I was more cameraman than participant. Last year, I tried to be cool and sled down the hill while standing and wearing what friends call my “church shoes” (see below). Despite the smile and protective fro, it didn’t end well. I flew off the sled and bruised my tailbone. To alleviate the pain, which lasted two months, I had to stand and poke out my ass like “models” do on Instagram when seeking OnlyFans subscribers. Lesson learned.

-Dewan Gibson

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