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Spring Break With the Family In New York City!

by Dewan Gibson

Our spring break usually means traveling to whatever city in Florida is cheaply accessible by America’s two most ratchet airlines, Spirit and Frontier. This year we changed things up with a family trip to New York City. What’d we do? Walked more than 10 miles a day, ate street food, and stared at people while riding the subway. Here are some pictures of us wandering with the wind.

Mom and two kids walking through Bryant Park in New York City.
Stunning Bryant Park. Nothing says spring break like coats and bare ass trees!
Kid devouring New York style pizza from a brown paper plate.
Pro tip: Give the kids a slice of NY pizza and they’re fine with walking miles and miles through the city. Seriously, we walked more than 10 miles each day.
We stumbled into a protest outside of Radio City Music Hall against the indiscriminate killing of children in Israel. Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton were inside attending a fundraiser.
A sign on metal pole that reads "shyness steals your life."
Too bad this group wasn’t around when I was growing up. I might have had a prom date and been able to lose my virginity before college.
View of Lady Liberty from the free Staten Island Ferry.
We took the free Staten Island Ferry. There were two fights while boarding (crowded, lots of pushing to get on!), but no one was thrown overboard and we saw Lady Liberty.
One World Trade Center. The tallest building in the U.S.
The World Trade Center Memorial. A somber must-see.
But don’t fret! After bawling your eyes out, you can shop at the World Trade mall!
Woman staring at the sea while riding the Staten Island Ferry.
Not a pose. She really was staring at the sea and visualizing time away from us.
The selfie room at our hotel. This is the result of me saying “Look serious, y’all!”
Central Park. “How come there’s not that much grass?!?” -The Ohio Kids
Just a lil’ three mile walk from Times Square to Chinatown/Little Italy.
We flew into NYC and then caught the subway to Manhattan. Then like a true travel-on-a-budget family, we rented a car and drove home. Get this…$100 a ticket to get there and like $300 each to fly home. Nope! National Rental Care it is.
There’s a de facto ban on Airbnb in New York City. I thought Amber and I would be stuffed in a one-bed hotel with three musty tweens, but Hotwire came through in the clutch: $200 a night at the 4.5 star Andaz 5th Avenue right near Bryant Park and a shawarma cart, and only a two-minute walk from Times Square. Still, two nights in these rooms ended up being more than our mortgage.

-Dewan Gibson

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