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A (Partial) Family Trip To Watch The Cleveland Cavaliers Stomp The New York Knicks

by Dewan Gibson

The family and I (minus Amber and the runt) made a quick trip to Cleveland to watch our Cavaliers obliterate the New York Knicks. We were hoping to make it back up for the second round of the playoffs, assuming the Cavs would play Big Giannis and ’em. That now looks unlikely. The Bucks are losing their series to the Heat, and the Cavs haven’t won since Cassius and Nile were in the arena to manically cheer them on. I suppose a comeback after being down three games to one is possible, but LeBron Raymone James ain’t on this team. At least we have the Browns to look forward to. Maybe not…

The Gibson boys walking in downtown Cleveland on their way Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse arena.
Walking from an early dinner to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. Not pictured: The candy stuffed in their pockets that was later smuggled into the arena.
The Gibson boys posing with two members of the Cleveland Cavaliers dance team.
The boys met some of the Cavs “dance workers,” as they called them. Funny…Cassius’ new phrase is “she low-key kinda thick” (too much YouTube), but he managed to keep that to himself.
“Yeaaaaah!” Also, shout-out to Seat Geek for the deal. While $200 a pop ain’t cheap, it kind of is for the playoffs!
A lassie dog in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey, Downtown Cleveland.
Cavs dog taking a much-needed break after helping its owner pick up chicks.
Former Cavalier Campy Russell. If you watched the game, you may have seen us during the halftime show, trying to get “all up in the video.”
Another picture to send to Warriors fans on March 1 of each year (Happy 3-1 Day).
Post-game mean faces. Nile couldn’t stop smiling, and I look like I’m taking a dump, which I prefer to only do at 9:17 each morn.

-Dewan Gibson

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