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What Did Ca$$ius Bring To His New School? Side-Eye!

by Dewan Gibson

Our two oldest boys are enrolled in their new school outside Columbus. So far, so good. The adjustment has been easy. Probably because they’re at the age where they like trying new things and don’t hold long-term feelings.

Their teachers seems pleasant and the school has bus service. And if you don’t want to ride the bus you can just hand the kids off in the drive-thru drop-off. As for learning…I don’t know, but the kids use iPads in class, so they’ll at least look smart.

My wife took this picture on Ca$$ius’ first day. I’m unsure of his reason for The Side-Eye, but the teacher may have ran up on him with too much joy. I know that look; he gave it to me when I did a dance I thought he’d find funny. He did not. Kids can really make you feel dumb as a parent.

Though they can also crack you up when they give some other unfortunate but caring adult The Side-Eye.

-Dewan Gibson

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