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A Short Family Trip To Chicago To Quiet Our Complaining Kids

by Dewan Gibson
Night view of Ohio Street Beach in Chicago

Amber and I went to Chicago in June to see Coldplay, and our “neglected” kids were like, “Take us! You said we would all go to Chicago!” Two months later, after plans for a trip to Canada fell through, we made the six-hour drive to Second City and got extra-touristy: deep dish pizza, Sue the big ol’ T-Rex, the L, Chinatown, shot a couple people, Navy Pier for fireworks, Ohio Street Beach, and so on. Check out the pictures and the sad shirtless video below.

Gibson family taking a selfie in front of the Chicago Bean.
Cloud Gate, better known as the Chicago Bean, cost $23 million to make. Please go and get your selfies’ worth.
Author yelling at his children before boarding the Chicago L.
A Chicago tradition. Yelling at your kids before you get on the L.
Author's wife eating a rotating sushi restaurant in Chicago;s Chinatown.
Rotating sushi in Chinatown. A test of will. Reminder: No feet on the conveyor belt?
Family selfie near the Chicago theater.
One of the few family selfies not initiated by Amber. Hey, the Chicago sign is cool.
Sue, the T-rex at the Field Museum.
Big Sue at the Field Museum. Way more entertaining than the last Jurassic Park flick.
Street art of a colorful cat in Chicago's Pilsen neighborhood.
Street art in Pilsen. A gentrifying Latino neighborhood that has a “something’s about to jump off” feel.
Mexican chicken soup
If something did jump off, I wasn’t leaving my Mexican chicken soup.
The Gibson wife and kids on the Ohio Street Beach sand at night
Ohio Street Beach at night, under the eye of office workers/peeping Toms and Theresas.
Kid rapping while sitting in back of Chicago bus.
Three days in Chi-town, and he’s already rapping drill on the bus.
Millennium Park splash pad. The video only lasts 17 seconds, which is how long I can suck in my stomach.
kids scaring pigeons in downtown Chicago.
My apologies to pedestrians who may have been shat on thanks to my kids scaring pigeons.
Saw this on the drive home. Come correct or get maimed by a hyena.

-Dewan Gibson

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