Man Brings $20,000 Cash To Buy Car From Craigslist, Does Not Return With Car Or Money


It's a sad day when the safest deals available on Craigslist are found in the Casual Encounters section. From Fox Memphis:

(A woman in the Charger) comes and picks me up from the airport,” Bataineh said. “I get in the car to test drive it, and then I asked her how do I get back to the airport so we can finish the deal over there.” After the test drive, Bataineh said the woman told him to drive to down Airways and stop at a business parking lot. Things then took a turn for the worst.

“I pulled into the salon, and two gentlemen run up on me with a pistol told me to get out of the car,” Bataineh said. “(They) put me in the passenger seat, sat behind me and had the gun to my head the whole time.” The men then demanded the $20,000 he brought to buy the car. “They took $20,000 cash, took my cell phone, my car keys and then even took an auxiliary cord and my car charger.”

FOX13 News, WHBQ FOX 13

-Dewan Gibson

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Today’s Michael Vick Protest Attracted Far Fewer People Than His Dog ‘Exhibitions’


Michael Vick spent 548 days in prison for financing a dog fighting operation, which is only 548 more days than a policeman spends in prison for killing an unarmed black man. Upon release, various people who lip kiss their dogs protested his every move, pressuring teams to forgo signing one of the most exciting quarterbacks in NFL history (not to mention the first to wear 360 waves). God forbid that a felon reduce his likely of recidivism by finding a job.

Vick persisted and has since played fairly good football, and made a few million dollars, not including the deal he signed to pitch the Wavemasterz, a hair brush that will lay your shit out like no other. Now it appears the Vick hate has finally died. Swag-deficient activists could only manage to get four people out to protest his new contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today was also National Dog Day.

-Dewan Gibson

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70-Year-Old Pole Dancer Might Be The Second Hottest Senior Citizen Behind Judge Judy


I sense a sequel to The Players Club coming soon, which would have been a great film had the lack of a possessive apostrophe in the title not distracted from all of the ass shaking. From the Shanghaiist:

While many elderly women in China spend their free time joining in public square-dancing sessions or accompanying their husbands on backwards walks through the park, this 70-year-old woman in Chengdu, Sichuan province practices pole dancing in very own bedroom.

The woman, called Dai Dali, first learned to pole dance at a gym four years ago and is now able to pull of moves that most people half her age couldn't accomplish. Dai had participated in a number of competitions and was even named winner of the Fifth China Pole Dance Championship.



-Dewan Gibson

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Old Dominion Students In Trouble For Offering ‘Fun’ To Female Freshmen (And Mom, Too)


College students are so ignorant these days. Don't these idiots know that there should be a comma before "too"? From Fox News:

The president of a Virginia college is “outraged” and has pledged action after several vulgar signs directed at incoming female students -- and their mothers -- were draped from the ledges of nearby off-campus houses.

“I said at my State of the University address that there is zero tolerance on this campus for sexual assault and sexual harassment,” Old Dominion University President John R. Broderick wrote in a Facebook post. “This incident will be reviewed immediately by those on campus empowered to do so. Any student found to have violated the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.”

-Dewan Gibson

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Donald Trump Understands Immigration & Crime Because His Grandpa Was An Immigrant Who Committed Crimes


The overwhelming majority of Mexican immigrants arriving to the U.S. are hardworking, law-abiding folks who want ensure their children have a prosperous future full of educational opportunities and Tostilocos. But Donald Trump thinks they're "rapists and criminals," very much unlike past European immigrants like his grandfather, who were honorable whoremongers and larcenists. Damn, how quickly sin washes away on that white skin. From Politico:

One hundred and thirty years ago, in 1885, Friedrich Trump stepped off a boat in lower Manhattan with a single suitcase. Only sixteen years old, he had left a note for his widowed mother on the kitchen table back in Kallstadt, a village in southwestern Germany, and slipped off in the middle of the night. He didn’t want to work in the family vineyard or get a job as a barber, the profession for which he’d been trained. He wanted to become rich, and America was the place to do it.

Friedrich wasted no time, and he did it by pushing the behavioral boundaries of his time, much as his grandson Donald would a century later. By the early 1890s, Friedrich had learned English; morphed from a skinny teenager into an adult man with a handlebar moustache; become a naturalized U.S. citizen, an easy matter at a time when there were no immigration quotas (much less debates about “birthright”); changed the spelling of his name to the more American-sounding Frederick...

A quick study, Trump headed for a prime location, the city’s red-light district, known as the Lava Beds. There he leased a tiny storefront restaurant named the Poodle Dog, which had a kitchen and a bar and advertised “private rooms for ladies”–code for prostitutes. It would allow the resourceful Trump, who renamed it the Dairy Restaurant, to offer the restless, frustrated public some right-now satisfaction in the form of food, booze and easily available sex...

Friedrich Trump's Seattle restaurant flourished, but he kept his ears open—another aspect of the Trump family M.O. In 1894, he heard that John D. Rockefeller, the wealthiest man in the world, was bankrolling a mining operation in a small town north of Seattle named Monte Cristo. Without delay, Trump scoped out the best location there, secured it by filing a bogus mineral claim, built a hotel on the parcel even though it didn’t actually belong to him, and began giving the customers, once again, exactly what they wanted: plenty to eat, lots to drink and of course women.

-Dewan Gibson

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New Study: Men Who Help With The Chillun’ Have Better Sex


What the study does not mention is that the sex leads to more children, especially when the doctor wrongly tells you that your wife is "highly unlikely" to get pregnant while lactating. From PsyPost:

Heterosexual couples that split childcare duties have higher quality relationships and sex lives than those who don’t, according to new research that will be presented at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA)...

Carlson, Hanson, and Fitzroy found that when women were responsible for most or all of the childcare, men and women reported lower quality relationships and sex lives compared to couples that split childcare responsibilities.

“One of the most important findings is that the only childcare arrangement that appears really problematic for the quality of both a couple’s relationship and sex life is when the woman does most or all of the childcare,” Carlson said.

Unlike mothers, fathers in a heterosexual relationship could take on most or all of the childcare responsibilities without negative effects on the quality of the couple’s relationship.

-Dewan Gibson

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